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cdbxx::iterator Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 iterator (mem_pos pos=0, bool fill=true)
iteratoroperator++ ()
iterator operator++ (int)
bool equal (const iterator &other) const
const data_pairoperator * () const
const data_pairoperator-> () const

Private Member Functions

void fill_pair ()

Private Attributes

mem_pos pos_
cdbi_t keylen_
cdbi_t valuelen_
data_pair pair_

Static Private Attributes

const size_t cdbi_size = sizeof(cdbi_t)

Detailed Description

forward walking database iterator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

iterator::iterator mem_pos  pos = 0,
bool  fill = true

start iterator with appropriate offset in the database file

Member Function Documentation

bool iterator::equal const iterator other  )  const

void iterator::fill_pair  )  [private]

fill internal storage with current data

const data_pair & iterator::operator *  )  const

iterator iterator::operator++ int   ) 

iterator & iterator::operator++  ) 

prefix operator

const data_pair * iterator::operator->  )  const

Member Data Documentation

const size_t cdbxx::iterator::cdbi_size = sizeof(cdbi_t) [static, private]

cdbi_t cdbxx::iterator::keylen_ [private]

length of the current key

data_pair cdbxx::iterator::pair_ [private]

temporary internal storage of current data pair

mem_pos cdbxx::iterator::pos_ [private]

current position in the file before database record

cdbi_t cdbxx::iterator::valuelen_ [private]

length of the current value

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