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cdbxx::in_db Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 in_db (int fd)
 in_db (const std::string &filename)
 ~in_db ()
iterator begin () const
iterator end () const
template<class K> iterator find (const std::vector< K > &key) const
iterator find (const std::string &key) const

Private Member Functions

iterator find_impl (const void *key, cdbi_t keylen) const
void init ()

Private Attributes

int fd_
bool self_
cdb cdbp_
cdbi_t end_offset_

Static Private Attributes

const cdbi_t start_offset_ = 2048

Detailed Description

read-only (constant) database

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

in_db::in_db int  fd  ) 

in_db::in_db const std::string &  filename  ) 

in_db::~in_db  ) 

Member Function Documentation

iterator in_db::begin  )  const

create iterator with the start position

iterator in_db::end  )  const

create iterator with the stop position

iterator in_db::find const std::string &  key  )  const

template<class K>
iterator cdbxx::in_db::find const std::vector< K > &  key  )  const

iterator in_db::find_impl const void *  key,
cdbi_t  keylen
const [private]

void in_db::init  )  [private]

Member Data Documentation

cdb cdbxx::in_db::cdbp_ [mutable, private]

internal database handler, mutable 'cause I want to have const find method

cdbi_t cdbxx::in_db::end_offset_ [private]

int cdbxx::in_db::fd_ [private]

database file descriptor

bool cdbxx::in_db::self_ [private]

are this fd our or not

const cdbi_t cdbxx::in_db::start_offset_ = 2048 [static, private]

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